Range 24 Years, There Is Another Luis Milla Who Make Goals At The Bernabeu

In the morning there was Luis Milla who broke into the Real Madrid goalkeeper at the Santiago Bernabeu. There is a range of 24 years since the figure of Luis Milla another goal in the same place.

Madrid must be satisfied with a 2-2 draw when entertaining Fuenlabrada, third-tier Spanish competition team, in the 32nd leg second leg Copa del Rey on Wednesday (29/11/2017) early morning hrs. El Real still qualify for the next round.

Fuenlabrada’s first goal was scored by Luis Milla Manzanares. For the football fan public in the country, his name may be familiar-stranger very. Yes, the player numbered back six is ​​the son of Luis Milla Aspas, coach of the Indonesian national team.

Interestingly, according to records Marca.com, a goal from Luis Milla Manzanares dawn earlier made there again a player named Luis Milla who scored in Santiago Bernabeu after the span 24 years ago. Once the father, now turn his son.

Luis Milla Aspas had uniformed Real Madrid period 1990-1997. As a defensive midfielder, he had twice scored for Los Blancos at the Santiago Bernabeu. Both moments happened in the same season, 24 years ago, against Real Oviedo in November and then another goal in a 2-0 win over Real Sociedad in June.

A few facts about Indonesia’s tactics peracik playing career is, he started a professional career with Barcelona and then migrate freely in 1990 to Real Madrid. Luis Milla Aspas closed his playing career at Valencia in 2001.

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