Before Football Game Paint the Ball

The unique story takes place in football matches in the Bosnian-Herzegovina league. Situations and conditions make the balls to be painted before a match.

The incident was present in the Sarajevo derby between host FK Zeljeznicar and FK Sarajevo on Sunday (26/11/2017) local time, which brings together the two biggest and most successful teams in Bosnia.

Well, the match held at Grbavica Stadium FK Zeljeznicar headquarters itself faces the weather challenge due to heavy snowfall. In order for the game can be run, the referee needs a ball with striking colors.

The balls themselves should in fact be provided by the Bosnian Football Federation (NFSBiH). But because the ball does not come, referee Irfan Pejtom also asked the host side also tried to provide the ball that fits the weather.

It was here that FK Zeljeznicar decided to paint the balls they had in red. The host is estimated to spend around 200 dollars on the paint.

“Because of the absence of a ball for snow conditions, we can only play with the official ball distributed by the Bosnian Federation, with the referee’s request, we decided to paint the ball in red,” FK Zelejznicar told

The act of painting the ball in the process is futile because the referee Pejtom then decided to postpone the game due to a field that is not ideal for playing football. According to, the match was postponed to Monday (27/11).

Good, host FK Zeljeznicar finally managed to win the game delay with a score of 2-1. The result would have paid off all their hassles one day before.

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